$75 Oz, $230 Qp, $420 Hp, $780 Lb – LA Wedding Pop – Sativa – AAA


(9 customer reviews)
(9 customer reviews)

LA Wedding Pop is a heavily sativa dominant strain (90% sativa/10% indica) created through crossing the delicious Wedding Cake X Triangle Kush strains. Looking for a super powerful bud with a great flavour, too? You’ve found it withLA Wedding Pop. This bud packs centered and calming effects that are great for a wake-and-bake on a day when you want to get up and moving without any sort of frenzied chaos or anxiety that can come with heavy sativa’s. It starts with a relaxing build that works its way into your mind, filling you with a sense of clarity and creativity that’s perfect for jumping on any mental task. A lightly calming physical high accompanies this cerebral state, easing away physical pains without causing any sort of sedation. In combination with its super high 22-23% average THC level, these effects make LA Wedding Pop perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, ADD or ADHD, chronic stress or anxiety and chronic fatigue.

Effects: Body High, Energetic, Sociable, Uplifted, Focused

Flavours: Citrus, Earthy, Fruity, Pine, Grape

23.55% THC 1.1% CBD


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9 reviews for $75 Oz, $230 Qp, $420 Hp, $780 Lb – LA Wedding Pop – Sativa – AAA

  1. Warwick

    Just exceptional! Excellent for those of us who like “couch lock”

  2. Walton

    Nice weed. Good cerebral. Total body relaxation

  3. Truro

    Great head rush! Definitely feel it in the eyes, haha

  4. Trent

    It was smooth, I could smell the fruitiness. Pretty potent strain, the high was good definitely energetic.

  5. Sheldon

    very trippy and great high, loved it. music becomes exceptional, and i was trippy balls on this looking out onto a lake, and my brain thought the water was just a tv screen in front of my face. i wasnt able to tell distances what so ever. i just smoked some a min ago, prety chill shit

  6. Ryde

    Excellent strain to medicate on. The color is amazing and the flavor is so palate pleasing:) I found it to be a good afternoon to evening pain reliever. It’s definitely in my top 5 strains.

  7. Rye

    Great strain. nice steady high and a good party bud

  8. Romsey

    This is one of the most perfect strains. Great taste, good high, very lifting. The concentrate version is also bomb!

  9. Ramsey

    Had this a few time in the past i remember it being good so ill rate an like

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