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Online shopping can be quite intimidating, especially when you’re not shopping for your everyday products.

Here at Buy Hash Online we made online cannabis shopping Quick and Easy!

If you do happen to run into any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are available every step of the way. We aim to provide a cannabis purchase experience like no other.

Find our step-by-step guide below on how to order and pay.

STEP 1. Register for a Buy Hash Online account

a.) Visit Https://

b.) Enter your basic information

c.) Opt into our newsletter to get the earliest notices of sales, promotions, coupon discounts, and more!

d.) Enter your information in the form then click REGISTER

You can use either your username or email address to log in to your Buy Hash Online account after registering. Make sure you pick a password that no one knows and you can remember! Don’t worry if you forget your password, you can reset it here.

e.) After clicking register, you will be logged in and redirected to our shop page.

From here you can take a look at your dashboard to view your orders, account details, BHO rewards, cash back rewards, your referral link, and more. We’ve also loaded up $10 of cash back points for FREE to get you started!

STEP 2. Start shopping for products

a.) Visit to view all the categories. All of our flowers are in the Buy Hash Online shopping category so let’s click on that.

b.) On the product page, there is tons of information about the product that will help guide you in choosing what’s right for you.

c.) Choose a variation amount and click ADD TO CART. A cart menu will pop out showing your current cart. Continue adding products into your cart and when you’re ready to checkout proceed to the next step. Can’t find the cart menu pop out? You can find it at the top next to the my account button.

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